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West Coast Dipes

West Coast Dipes

We couldn’t stop at just providing natural parenting products.

We created our own line of cloth diapers, too!


West Coast Dipes was founded in 2018. It is the culmination of a grand idea of bringing an afforadable, beautiful, and quality line of products for babies to natural minded families across the US. So, why West Coast? Founders Keema, Brandon, and Lauren are all originally from California. The name and the bear logo are an homage to their home state. Also, if you’re familiar with cities in the Golden State, you’ll notice that the names of the diapers themselves are derived from California city names and California area codes.

West Coast Dipes is nothing short of a California Dream. As part of the dream or vision, West Coast Dipes will feature products that parents can use throughout their children’s childhood. Diapers and diapering products are just the beginning. All West Coast Dipes products can be purchased through Crunchy Boutique. Stay tuned for our next launch.