Black Licorice Natural Sanitizer & Deodorant

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Note:  The price of bottles and all supplies are going up daily.  Consequently, we had to increase the price of our sanitizer.    Some bottles may include a pump instead of sprayer.  Please note, however, that it is an 8oz bottle so it will go a long way.  

This product  is made of grain alcohol and essential oils.  We personally carry it everywhere for quick use while on the go. 

It contains a higher percentage of alcohol than the minimum recommended so you can be confident that it kills germs. 

We use it on our hands and we spray everything with it.  We spray shopping carts, our phones, desks, etc.  

It also can be used as a deodorant AND it takes the stink away after someone funks up the bathroom. 😂

We all carry it everywhere we go.  We have a bottle in our purse and car at all times.   

Lastly, it IS flammable so be careful and keep it out of reach of children.  

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