Contest & Promotions

Play West Coast Dipes Poker!


We will be giving away 9 West Coast Dipes Gift Cards including the grand prize of a $250 Gift Card!


Our next line 209, is coming later this month so we’ll soon have new merchandise!  We want to give away gift cards to be used on our new line or any existing merchandise.


Here’s how to play.  Post a photo of your best West Coast Dipes Poker hand on Instagram.   (Your profile must be public or we must be following you in order to see your entry.    If we are not already following you, make sure your post is public.)


The West Coast Dipes Poker hands are below.

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pair hand


The grand prize goes to the winning Royal Flush hand.  That person will win the $250 West Coast Dipes Gift Card to be used on our 209 Line.  There will be prizes for all of the other winning hands as well.


We will also choose one winner with the most creative post (chosen by West Coast Dipes, regardless to the hand played).


You will post your West Coast Dipes Poker hand, tag West Coast Dipes and include the hashtag #WCDPoker at the very beginning of your caption.  Please also list the items in your post that qualify it for that particular hand.  You will also need to include the hashtag for the hand you are posting.  The appropriate hashtags are below.


  1. Royal flush #WCDRoyal – All 17 West Coast Dipes Prints/Solids – Prize $250 Gift Card
  2. Straight flush #WCDStraightFlush. Five different prints/solids from any two lines. (Note: The 951 and 213 lines only have 4 prints. If you are going for a Straight Flush from either of those lines, you can add one wet bag of any print from that line as the 5th) – Prize $100 Gift Card
  3. Four of a kind #WCDFour.—Four of the same item in a different print from the same line. $50 Gift Card
  4. Full house #WCDFull. Three of the same item from any line in different prints, plus 2 of the same item in the same line as the three, but in different prints from the three. All prints/solids must be different.  $50 Gift Card
  5. Flush #WCDFlush Five Different WCD prints of any item from any one line. $25 Gift Card
  6. Straight #WCDStraight Five WCD Items of any kind, may duplicate prints. $20 Gift Card
  7. Three of a kind #WCDThree – Three WCD Items of any kind — $20 Gift Card
  8. Two pair #WCDTwo – Four Items — Two from 2 different lines — $20 Gift Card
  9. The ninth prize will go to the most creative post regardless of the hand. The winner will receive a $50 Gift Card.



Poker begins on January 7th and ends on January 17th.  Winners will be announced on January 18th.   Only one prize per person.  There will only be one winner for each hand category.


Breaking Ties:

In the event of a tie on any hand.  The winner will be determined by the types of items in their hand.   The rankings are as follows:


One Size All-in-Ones are considered Aces

Pocket Diapers are Kings

Covers are Queens

Newborn Diapers are Jacks

Large Wet Bags are 10s

Small Wet Bags are 9s

Multi Use Mats are 8s

Flats are 7s

Prefolds are 6s

Hemp Plus Inserts are 5s

Regular Hemp Inserts (purchased separate from Pocket Diapers) are 4s

Everything else will be considered 3s


The prints are ranked as follows:

  1. 951
  2. 213
  3. 415
  4. 619


The prints within each line are ranked in alphabetical order by print name.


If there is still a tie after all of the above is considered, the person who posted their hand first will win.



You may play more than one hand.    You may also improve an existing hand by reposting the hand with the applicable changes.   If you have more than one winning hand, you will win the highest prize for which you are eligible.  Do not delete the prior hands.

The winner of the prize for most creative post may or may not also be the winner of any of the hands.  Again, this winner is strictly based on creativity.

All items must be clearly identifiable as WCD.  We must also be able to clearly see if the item is an All-in-One, Pocket or Cover.   We can discern the difference if the front snaps are showing.   Also, please note that our 951 line only included pockets and the only cover in the line was Anza.    Remember, the appropriate hashtag must be the first thing in your caption.   Please also include what your hand includes.  Your hand must be posted to your feed.  We’d like it if you also post it to your story and tag us so we can share it, but that is not a requirement.

Our lines to date are as follows:

951:  Anza, Mo Valley, Murrieta and Idyllwild

213:  Little Muffincakes, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and LAX (LAX may be considered 213 or 619)

415: Richmond, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Treasure Island and Sunnyvale

619:  Spring Valley, Alpine, LAX Re-release, Bonita and Lakeside (LAX may be considered 213 or 619)


If you want to purchase any items to play or improve your hand, use the code POKERCHIPS for a 20% discount on West Coast Dipes merchandise.


We’ve tried to include all details but if we’ve missed anything, please feel free to ask questions.


Alright y’all!  Let’s play West Coast Dipes Poker!