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West Coast Dipes Newborn Hook & Loop All-In-One (Preemie- 10lbs)

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Product Details

The West Coast Dipes Newborn All in One Diaper features beautiful one of a kind prints that reflect our amazing home state of California. WCD Newborn Diapers are designed to fit most newborns from approximately 5 pounds to 10 pounds. Please note that our newborn diapers have a very trim fit and may run small on babies with "chunkier" legs. Each diaper also has top of the line features such as:

  • Double gussets on the legs to ensure that everything is kept inside the diaper with no leaks.
  • Two sewn in SUPER absorbent organic hemp/cotton flap inserts plus an absorbent bamboo cotton insert sewn in on the bottom.
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Rise snaps which assist in ensuring the perfect fit.
  • After prepping this diapers holds a minimum of 9 ounces.

Care Instructions

Cloth diapers must be prepped before its first offical use. In order to prep the diaper, wash three to five times with hot water (do not use sanitize cycle as the water will be too hot). Prepping the diaper(s) in this way will ensure maximum absorbency.

Once the diaper has become soiled place in wet bag or diaper pail until you are ready to wash your diapers. When you are ready to wash your diapers start with a pre-wash with warm water and half the amount of recommended detergent. Then wash the diapers on the heavy duty setting with hot water and the recommended amount of detergent. Finally, run a rinse cycle with warm or cold water.

After you have washed your diapers you can hang dry or place them in the dryer on a low to medium heat setting.

*Please note that there are various washing methods. This washing method has been tried and tested by West Coast Dipes, however you may have a different washing method that also works for your family.

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